15th August 2017

 It’s independence day .. my people, my nation!!!

We all are flooded with emotions of patriotism or the feeling of DESHBHAKTI.. we owe to our motherland these day.. we say #proud to be an Indian.. we sing patriotic songs,host our national flag,recall our Patriots ,salute them , feel our hearts with feeling of  oneness, serenity, country love… 

This is general.. 

do we do something unique ??? Do we go to a slum and ask them what do they feel ?? Is is this day just a normal day for them or they too feel for this day??? Do we visit an old-age home and ask them what is their means of independence ??? 

 Afcourse we don’t!!! We are busy seeing the parade, busy listening to the songs of patriotism , busy thinking of the sacrifices made for us !!!  

Independence, do we really know how our forefathers achieved this ?? How are we blessed with this ??? Folks, independence doesn’t only  mean to recall or cherish your memories with love for  the nation , it’s meaning is far above.. independence have different meaning for different individuals..

âś“Independence for girls=freedom

âś“Independence for animals=torture free lyf

âś“Independence for worker=a bit relaxation

âś“Independence for a poor=basic amenities

âś“Independence for criminal=world beyond bars

When we as a nation,will understand the true aspects of independence , then I bet we will not be called more as a DEVELOPING country , it will be rather DEVELOPED country..

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Blogcredit: shraddha(free_to_express)

Here, is my first move.. what’s yours ?

#A move!!

 Life is what it is about,

To attain silence, you need to shout

Neither it learn, nor does it prove,

Changes enitre space,with just “a move”.

Life is nothing but a regular flow,

To deal with it, you have to grow

Roads apart, meant for prove

Whatever results is due to the “move”.

Life is a riddle of odd and even,

To solve it, needs to be own-driven

Where daddies are the field, one need to prove,

That it could be happy with just “a move”.

Life is a written record of memories and fun,

Forever it stays like shadows in the sun

Where emotions are equations, one need to prove,

You can overcome with just “a move”.