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Cause this is something I never expected to happen.

It illuminated the shine in my eyes.

©Aditi Agarwal.

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A note for you.

They say, “talk to someone who you know will help you find your way”. So, whenever I search for that someone in my mind, the only name pops up is yours.

I may not have known you for years, but I know if there is someone who could guide me right, then it’s you.

No, I am not going to praise you with my words wrapping around like a chocolate! Whatever I say, I mean it.

Today was just another day when I got numerous lessons from you. You said “jo dost log banao na vo selective, achaa banao, taki acha impact pade, kyuki bura impact quick attract krta hai”. I may not have told you at the moment, but you were right. I completely agree with the statement. People attract vibes around, and therefore it is important that they live in the aroma of positivity.

You said “job hogya to iska mtlb ye nahi ki or padhai nahi krni, balki Or responsibilities aa jate hai, or ache se padhna hota hai”. And I found it so wise. Practically, you showed me a mirror, which said there is no such thing as a target, the target itself is divided into components and with each step you get more closer to the next component. Having a job is just one of the component, there are mere things ahead in life which you need to consider.

And you said “ab tk effort dia hai, thoda or dene se ho jaega” and it really encouraged me. I could see a little ray of hope in those words and started believing in self.

Although, there was a time when you challenged me (The GATE score thing) and I couldn’t reply back anything, but it didn’t meant I cannot do it. Now, this is what I appreciate in you. You know ways to encourage a student and kickstart the energy in them. You always helped me grow and you still do. And the only thing I could say is thank you!

Perhaps, there isn’t any way which can depict how grateful I am. I feel so good having you by my side. Someone who is always ready with delivering life notes to me in a manner I can’t deny to accept.

For all this time Captain, thank you! Thank you for believing in me and making me believe in myself too. You truly form an inspiration for me!

Thank you!

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Second blogging year 📆

Another passed since I have been on this platform!

It all seems like a moment back, when I started writing here and gained much love from all the readers.

Two years, it’s been an amazing journey with all the ups and downs together like a roller coaster ride. WordPress helped me grew in a way which I can’t define.

From learning what blogging is to what search engine optimization means, it helped me a lot. Above all, it made me a writer, a better writer. Being a writer on this platform is a matter of gratitude and I am really thankful for that. Also, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my readers who supported me in this beautiful journey.

Thank you all🖤

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Cause today I am super happy!
When you step forward towards your dream, and that step turns out to be the perfect one,
You cannot hold your happiness within and want to scream out loud in the universe that yes, you did it.
You were meant to do it.

So, there’s no holding back of these emotions smiling inside, let it breathe out open in the world, like you do.

©Aditi Agarwal.

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Life note.

Life is a musical flow of hope and smile. Living it that way brings you close to the best verse you would have ever heard.

Live a musical life and smile often.

©Aditi Agarwal.