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Maybe you and me 😋

Open for collab









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Hey YOU!! 🙋

Hey there,
I am speaking to you!!
Life is meant to live, with or without.

You can have both smile and tears at the same place,

You can have both choice and order at the same place,

You can have both problems and solutions at the same place,

So, when you know there is a possibilities to every single thing, then you should know,

It will be all okay!!

Isn’t it ???

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And it’s moon again!!

The most innocent living entity in the world is this little cupid Heart! It knows no differences. It maintains a balance and serves everyone the same. A strong heart doesn’t have a word ‘NO’ in its dictionary!

👀👀Deadlock Between eyes👀👀

Siya, my heart is beating with an average of 1.5 times in a minute!!”, Zaina’s mouth declared while her eyes were lost in a conversation with him.

Oh my Einstein ! what a calculation. It’s 1.2, Wait, what? Have you gone mad or what?”, Siya said.

Idiot, I love you! Everything seems nice!! I am all gone!! Heaven help required!!”, Zaina said.

Look zaina, I know today we unlocked yet another level being an outstanding student but that doesn’t mean I should call help from an asylum!”, Siya mocked.

Hadn’t I skipped the class, my heart wouldn’t have skipped it’s beat. I am grateful to that teacher Siya!. Siya, feast your eyes on those hairs, that smile ,the prettiest of them, Eyes”,

Zaina’s cunning eyes were espying the one in the near cafeteria!

Zaina, you picked up the right guy! His looks are damn good!! Hard to admit, but your taste is good! “, Siya complimented.

To be continued…

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You never know what this little thing called love will make you do.
It can break you or make you,
It can demolish you or flourish you,
It can hurt or it will sooth.
Loving and living are seperate.
If you live for someone it directly means you love them too but vice-versa is not true.

Imagine you just coping up from a heart-break or heart-issues and that vary instant the same person appears again!

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An interview with GOD!!

#Final Part

I am glad you made it!, Congratulations Anita. The childrens liked you a lot and want you, for them!. They seem happy whenever you are around and their Happiness is our goal. We would be happy if you could join us as soon as possible”, said the In-charge.

“Thank you so much Sir! I am proud that I am a part of your organisation now. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”, Anita exclaimed.


“Anita? Anita wake up! Aren’t you going to prepare for the interview, Anita? Wake up dear, Anita’s mother cried.

“I already did it mom! They are going to disclose the results soon!”, Anita murmured in her sleep.

“Son, you have been asleep for almost 3 hours, further your interview is tomorrow! Now wake up quickly, I am going to get you some snacks, wash up fast!”, Mother said and left downstairs.

“What? I was asleep? I haven’t appeared the interview yet? God gracious, what was it all then? It can’t be simply a dream, HE answered my questions, HE solved my queries. HE can’t simply be a dream. Nothing is purposeless, I am sure it had some purpose, this has to be figured out”, Anita thought.

Anita tried hard to remember everything about the interview from it’s start till it’s end. She began analysing and arrived at a conclusion.

“All the questions asked and answered in the interview were my queries for which I wanted a answer. Every thing spoken was connected to Human and their understanding & relationships and their balance. If you want to make a difference, contribute towards humanity. I know what I have to do now,” Anita Proclaimed.


Anita finally understood what HE, wanted to say. She took lot of courage and admitted to her parents that she rejected her dream and accepted a proposal. A proposal which the mighty has offered her. It was hard to accept their daughter giving up on her dream and determined to set a difference but as seasons made their way, Anita’s parents realised what a blessing it is to have a son like Anita.

“Sometimes whatever you may choose, life is already set with a different plan for you . So, all you have to do is open the door of your heart and welcome the offer with your arms open wide”.

Thank You… Thank you a lot, yes you .. it’s been an amazing journey.. so, the day has finally came. The Thanksgiving day.. 💯 th post and too with the completion of my first story series. Thank you readers. It feels blessed and awesome to be part of this family.

Today B€yoNd wo®ds achieved 💯 on two platforms, and .. Thanks all who supported and usher their love in the most beautiful way..

Stay tuned, stay connected.. miles more to go!!

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