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In times like this, let’s be a little more considerate and kind towards others, because all we have is each other.
It is important to understand that being a bit more sensitive is okay and completely fine. You feel things on a whole different level and hence, you express more and are kinder.
The world today needs kindness and empathy more than anything else.
Let’s support and hear each other out whenever necessary.

©Aditi Agarwal

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Old Soul.

Pic credit : @manka_kasha

An old soul I am,
Chasing the butterflies of my thoughts,
Ones who swirl in imaginary directions, far from my hands, which struggle to trap them inside a translucent jar,
Only to restrict their entrace into my dark garden.

An old soul I am,
Seeking for happiness in all the wrong places with a low-lit hope candle, knowing that it can extinguish soon and wouldn’t led me to my destination,
And yet not giving up,
Only because I’m too invested in the process and looking back would only give pieces of me,
parts which I’ve left to the hands of other travellers for care, but were abandoned.

An old soul I am,
Believing in the magic of stars and the universe,
Longing for their appearance in a well-lit dark blanket wrapping around the earth,
Only to save myself from my Demons,
Hiding beneath the skin, particularly in my dark corner of my intellect,
Screaming to get out and rule the relationships I’ve cherished and protected.

An old soul I am,
I do not belong to this materialistic world of humans filled with the emotions of destruction,
I believe in souls and the energy which unites them together into a single cosmic soul.

An old soul I am.
©Aditi Agarwal.

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It is important to understand that each process is time specific. It will complete in it’s own time, which implies that you have to have patience and firm believe in the process.
Let it complete its course!
©Aditi Agarwal.

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Being unavailable.

We live in society where we are accustomed to give explanations.

It is important to understand that there are times when you don’t want to be available for any person, be it your closest friend or relative.

All you want is just be for yourself and relax. And it’s completely fine and perfect. There’s no obligation to be available for everyone at everytime.

It doesn’t make your selfish, rather it allows you to love yourself more.

©Aditi Agarwal

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I saw him departing through the back door, yet I couldn’t compelled myself to stop him.

He was gone.

With him, the music to my melody and closure to my thoughts left, leaving me stand still.

For years, I treasured him in my pages and kept alive in my mind,

I painted him with colors, blue and red,

And took pride in his existence, until one day,

When he was nowhere to be found.

I loved him, with all my heart. It was him who brought to me solace and peace,

The one who taught me that chaos are beautiful,

The one without whom I couldn’t imagine myself being happy and cheerful.

And yet, neither did I stopped him from leaving nor did I made any effort to get him back.

I never chose him, he wasn’t a choice. I had found him, in my soul sparkling and smiling.

He isn’t a part of me, he is the one who makes me complete, whole.

Without him, I feel like a night waiting for stars to appear.

Although he left, but I didn’t have to found him, because I knew he would find his way back to me.

And He did, just now!


©Aditi Agarwal.

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Elixir of Life.

Pic credit : @manka_kasha

I heard stories of people longing for the elixir of life,
The ones who went on several expedition and did voyages
and yet returned empty-handed.
The ones who faced disappointment and hopelessness with a bare face,
and broke down because their purpose in life ceased to exist.

As I learnt more about their journey,
I decided to find the elixir myself.
I read and re-read about the ones who decided to go on this journey.
They all were in similar in one way or another.

All of them either lacked the core essence of life or were disturbed with something,
Hence, searching for their purpose to give the living, a meaning.

I travelled to places they have been but found nothing.
I searched for the elixir in the places they thought it exists,
But there was nothing and no one,
Except me.

One fine day, sitting on the branch of the cherry blossom in my garden and visiting through my findings, I realised,
I searched for the elixir in all the external places,
The only place where it could be is within myself,
And I’ve been with it everytime!
©Aditi Agarwal.

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Faith & Perservance

Most of the time, life will throw fast balls at you.
You need to keep up with your practice and pace and hit it as hard you can.
It might take a little more time, but I guess it’s all fine when you are playing with the strongest opponent!

©Aditi Agarwal

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Fight Strong.

Everyone has their own story and everyone lives and fight their story in their own way.
Remember, how we fight and win our story is a different thing,
but to fight it with confidence and faith is what makes it worth fighting for.
©Aditi Agarwal.