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Letter to Self #1

I love you for the smile you carried while the core of your heart was shaken.
I love you for all those times you became your companion.
I love you for the courage you portrayed when the fight was with yourself.

©Aditi Agarwal

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Descendants of the Sun😉

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It’s been years when I first saw you two together but the memories are still fresh.
It’s like just any other day.
Descendants of the Sun is not just a beautiful plot, it is an epitome of emotions… Happiness and smile on our faces.
And cheers to these two who brought out the best in every situation…
I could never have enough of you and I fall and will continue so every single day for you.
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You can be a difference in someone’s life.
If you can understand their emotions,
If you can look up to them and realise what they might be thinking,
If you can acknowledge their decisions and rectify whenever a need is felt,
If you can read the words from their eyes,
If you can make your presence effective for them,
If you can be their reason.

If you can just make them feel how much worthy they are!

©Aditi Agarwal

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Happiness is within 😊

And then sometimes you wake up and realise none but you yourself has the power to find happiness for you or the reason of happiness.
None but only you can help yourself in getting peace and tranquility.
©Aditi Agarwal
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Valentine Special.

Not just family or friend, entire world is a valentine.

Everything out in the world is because of a purpose. Purpose, which needs to be fulfilled.

They say Valentine’s Day is celebrated with the purpose of sharing our love and care with our family and friends. We cherish them and let them know of the difference they make in our lives. We make them realise their worth in our life. We treat them all good and declare our emotions open.

Now, Here’s a loophole.

Why do we need a specific day or say a week to express our emotions? Can’t we just say it straight?

For I believe, emotions are sensitive. They belong only to a particular situation. A natural human tendency is to cry out only when it pains or feels happy. 365 days of a year are sufficient but not necessary to let your emotions out.

Emotions relies on situation and the person. You already know the love between a mother and a child. Does it require a 365 day report card to prove itself? Ofcourse not!

Coming to another great point, I belive the entire world is a Valentine. Sharing your affection and care with the people you admire is good, but there are people out in the world who own no one, in other words, left alone. Neither you know them, nor they, still there’s a bond which relates, the bond of humanity, the bond of love.

The day you let your emotions out is a valentine day.

If we are the children of good blessed with the beautiful emotion of love, then we should not keep it intact within ourselves rather spread it into the world.

Our world is a beautiful place. It only needs those hands which can keep it beautiful for ages.

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Dear friend,

I sincerely hope you do not miss me at all. But then, somewhere in the core of my heart i feel that you should miss me for all those times i have been there for you.

There was a time when I used to expect from you, but then a time came and I realise “People are not puppets, you cannot control them”. So, I finally decided to let go of that entity from me.

There are times when I see you happy and smiling with someone else and I ponder have I been so wrong? What was my fault? I did everything for you, you ever wanted. Still you cannot see the friend in me.

No, it’s not that I am complaining or arguing. It was a question wandering in the forest of my head.

Of course, it’s your life and you choose people in your life and assign them priorities. But, you must know that assigning priorites to people around you on the basis of self-need is not good. Sometimes, you need to consult people’s heart and respect their sentiments.

Anyways, I am not the same person I used to be. So, I am here no longer asking you for your attention and begging you to stay with me. Go ahead and choose what ever you like but remember that you are loosing me every single day.
©Aditi Agarwal
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