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Endure a bit more and then it won’t hurt.
I know it’s hurting,
It’s hurting really bad,
But endure it a bit,
Eventually it will start healing.
Once you reach the peak of pain, it won’t hurt you enough.
Because pain itself freezes after a certain point of time.
Till then, let it bleed and smile.
Because pain is beautiful.
©Aditi Agarwal.

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Extra mile.

Learn to differentiate between people who walks with you and who hesitate.
©Aditi Agarwal.

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Because memories are the reservoir of your emotions.
Whatever you feel and go through,
You paint it in your mind in the form of memories.
These memories are the perfect combination of sorrow and fun.
At times, it soothes you and bring a everlasting smile on your face,
At other times, reminiscing it will make things difficult for you.
Memories, thus, are the storehouse of your beautiful journey.
Never regret for your memories,
Embrace them, when you can.
©Aditi Agarwal.

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Gazing at you, up in the sky amongst other of your kind,
I feel so good here.
You make me feel so happy and content. With you things fall into place and mind at peace.
You will forever remain the only star of my sky.
©Aditi Agarwal.

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Stars won’t.

Because this is something we need to understand, no matter how tough and difficult it is.

No matter how hurt you are or pain you are in, you need to accept that stars won’t lead you your way.

©Aditi Agarawal.

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Always give yourself good vibes and thoughts.
Surround your subconscious mind with the idea of positivity and believe in goodness.
Let your soul become selfish for this very time in the idea of self-love.
Embrace your beauty and your scars too.
Let the healing take place.
Believe in the power of positivity and goodness all around.
Consume good thoughts and drink good music.
You will come out of it.
You will certainly.
Accept, embrace and smile.
©Aditi Agarwal.